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Results/Critiques 09


DECEMBER 13th 2009



1st.  Sheldon’s. Crossguns Williams Wishes, d/brindle white .Strong pasterns with a straight front which reaches well, well placed rear pads close coupled with a cleaner head & lips than 2, moved ok.

2nd.Hanslows TOFFESTAFF Hoggy Dog At Donmarlyn, brindle heavier cast than 1st, dark eye straight front, well-off for rib.


1st Metcalfe, Alport Locknload At  Darkridge, d/brindle, white. Attractive youngster with nice profile. Good expression with correct head proportions , nice length of limbs , level topline , correct rear quarters , straight front but a shade tight , nice puppy .

2nd Knight, Rubysha Redeeming Jewel .red/white, a well balanced youngster with a lovely pigmentation, very clean headpiece, true straight front, nice amount of substance, level topline, moved ok.

3rd Hanslow Tofeestaff hoggy dog at donmarlyn .


1ST RHODES Willowstaff Black Marauder .d/brindle & in the light weight division with the most super clean , athletic outline , great body proportions giving pleasing shape & symmetry .Excellent columns of support & all angles set correct , a free flowing dog with no interference .Straight front level topline & close coupled .Healthy length of muzzle , clean lips , large teeth , would prefer a bit more strength to skull & overall substance to complete picture .Finished article looks to be a while BD & RBIS .

2ND Scarlett & Reid, Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good, d/brindle of quality with a chiselled skull, a well constructed dog with good movement, more substance than 1st.

3rd Essex, Javawolf Mighty Mouse.


1st Essex Javastaff Mighty Mouse, pied/brindle, standard dog in hard fit condition, good headpiece with no loose flesh, clean lipped with strong under jaw, nicely ribbed, rear pads beneath point of pelvis. Nice amount of substance, moved ok.

2nd Dolphin .Alport Tornado. d/brindle white nice blend of skull giving good expression , enough length to a straight radius distorted by a slightly too deep brisket , level top line , short coupled , preferred fitness & rear pad placement of 1st .


1st Rhodes Willowstaff Black Marauder.

2nd Essex Java wolf Mighty Mouse.

3rd Dolphin Alport Tornado.


1st Essex Javastaff Mighty Mouse.

2nd Kirkland Lordstaff Sir Germaine , d/brindle white .Straight front brisket to elbow , good blend of head with tidy ears dark eye good rear quarters .

3rd Booth & Grimwood Izumis Cotton Eye Joe .


1ST Tittley & Bosanko Willowstaff New Addition At Garwstaff brindle white standard dog with nice height to weight ratio , appealing length of limbs which moulds nicely throughout ,good angulations made movement free & easy nice shape skull with strong muzzle with plenty of depth & width , lively character .RBD.

2nd Saunt Alport Fire Chief , d/brindle & a nice sort more overall substance than 1st , good front assembly with desirable lift nice all-round body shape & typical expression , knit picking on hock placement 1st very close decision , nice dog .

3rd Rastall & Durham Merima Ahead Inline.


1st Peacock , Dringshaw Stoner fawn grizzle /white at the top end of scale for substance & bone with good movement , straight front powerful rear quarters & well placed hocks , ample rib level top line .

OPEN DOG 5 (2)

1ST Mcgrath, Jajca Phoenix From The Flame - red with a dark mask & a credit to his owner for getting this dog into condition, fittest dog here today & felt armour plated .Lovely fronted dog with strong pasterns good forehand movement, attractive length of radius & brisket to elbow .Nice blend of bull / terrier skull & clean good length of neck flowing into a level topline & attractive underline.

2nd Hall Willowstaff Black Prince d/brindle who has a tight clean skull with the right ratio to muzzle with clean lips covering strong large teeth, well laid shoulder & upper arm with desirable length in radius, nice reach of neck & moulding smoothly to pelvis.

3rd Fairhurst  , Fairlenium Eye Of The Storm .


1st Lannin Bethane Thorin, d/brindle & a real heavyweight very well off for substance, compact dog with strong jaw dark eye, plenty of rib, straight front well placed rear pads.


1ST Tittley & Bosanko Charmonics Welsh Angel At Garwstaff , brindle/white who’s carrying juvenile  coverage which when lost will pose  a neat well constructed outline a standard girl with good pigmentation strong head proportions moved well , the future should bring some fun .

2nd Mcgrath Jajcas Sweet Dream , d/brindle , nice shape skull with definition good  length of muzzle , tidy ears giving typical expression , heavier  cast than 1st with ample rib , excellent topline .


1st Raynsford & Stevens Raynstaff Do You Know Who I Am , d/brindle white classy youngster with a blocky strong head & great expression , chiselled through the stop & nice length of muzzle clean lips & strong visible underjaw .Tidy ears & good eye placement , correct dentition , standard bitch with a nice amount of lift & 1st class front  strong pasterns plenty of rib with a good length & depth of cage , level topline & neat coupling , well placed strong backend  , moved well once settled .Happy to award BPIS & RBB.

2ND Norris Raynstaff Earth Angel d/brindle white  longer cast than litter sister lovely head proportions & clean skull , good eye placement & tight lips nice length in radius & well set upper arm & scapula level topline well placed rear quarters moved well .


1ST Smith , Cox & Wagstaff , Willowstaff Barbed Tongue , d/brindle classy girl with desirable length in radius , lovely clean flowing lines from ociput through shoulder .Topline & pelvis height to weight ratio just right , nice amount of angle to stifle well placed  hocks moved freely , beautiful expression which justified decision .Could have drove home giving her top honours & been happy .

2nd Fell & Smith , Scratchline ShowTime , brindle/white strong looking athletic with good all round body proportions , very strong backend nice length & depth to ribcage straight front , decent length upper arm & scapula set right , adequate stop & healthy length muzzle , large upright canines , moved up & back smooth & quick , doesn’t give much away .

3rd Swift & Wall, Leading Lady Rose.


1ST Tittley & Bosanko, Charmonics Welsh Angel At Garwstaff.


1ST Raynsford & Stevens Raynstaff Do You Know Who I Am .

2nd Westerby, Ramblestaff Colour My Days , d/ brindle & white .Standard , neat & well put together bitch & unlucky to meet first ,had more substance than first , neat ears & correct head proportions , nice expression , strong backend which was better in transit than forehand , placed 2nd in what was a very good novice class .

3rd Tittley & Bosanko Charmonics Welsh Angel At Garwstaff.


1st Gregory Willowstaff Shades Of Red .m/brindle white blaze .Lovely pigmentation & dark mask , an all-round nice bitch with well placed hocks & ample turn on the stifle , level topline , short coupled good length & depth to ribcage .Straight front correct head proportions & feminine expression with definition , moved ok .


1st Saunt Canned Heat .d/brindle , top quality classy bitch , strong but feminine & well balanced throughout .Great body shape with clean flowing lines sound construction & movement correct length of limbs & angulations nice reach of neck , lovely head proportions & maximum strength for me , good length muzzle & strong underjaw  which is on show large  well set teeth plenty through stop , well set dark eyes & tidy ears Beat some really good specimens today & it was nice to hear I gave her BPB potteries last time out .BB & BIS.

2ND Foster & McDonald Tusselstaff Black Fury ,d/brindle another top class bitch similar to  junior winner , super straight front & up on her toes , attractive height to weight ratio & in hard condition , much the same  virtues as first with a little less through the stop , & rear pads set a shade more rearward which decided a finicky call.

3rd Metcalfe, Dark ridge Contradiction.


1ST Wild Wildstaff Jo Black d/brindle, strong athletic fit girl who stood alone but was easily included in what was a terrific line up of similar bitches.Well conditioned rear quarters, light in loin level topline, good shape ribcage, desirable proportions length in radius to well placed elbows & equal proportions to top of scapula .Clean skull with nice length of muzzle moved with ease, wasn’t shy in final line up.

MPD (3,0A)
1/Crossguns Williams Wishes
2/Toffeestaff Hoggy Dog at Donmarlyn

PD (4,1A)
1/Alport Lock n Load at Darkridge
2/Rubysha Redeeming Jewel
3/Toffeestaff Hoggy Dog at Donmarlyn

JD (6,1A)
1/Willowstaff Black Maruader
2/Ramblestaff Ebeneezer Good
3/Javawolf Mighty Mouse
4/Lordstaff Sir Germaine

MD (2,0A)
1/Javawolf Mighty Mouse
2/Alport Tornado

ND (3,0A)
1/Willowstaff Black Maruader
2/Javawolf Mighty Mouse
3/Alport Tornado

GD (3,0A)
1/Javawolf Mighty Mouse
2/Izumis Cotton Eye Joe
3.Lordstaff Sir Germaine

PGD (8,2A)
1/Willowstaff New Addition at Garwstaff
2/Alport Fire Chief
3/Merimna Ahead in Line
4/Crossguns Fred Astaire
5/Longdrive Domino

LD (1,0A)
1/Dringshaw Stoner

OD (5,2A)
1/Jajca Pheonix From the Flame
2/Willowstaff Black Prince
3/Fairlenium Eye of the Storm

VD (3,2A)
1/Bethane Thorin

Best Dog
Willowstaff Black Maruader

Res Best Dog
Willowstaff New Addition at Garwstaff

Best Puppy Dog
Alport Lock n Load at Darkridge

MPB (4,2A)
1/Charmonics Welsh Angel at Garwstaff
2/Jajcas Sweet Angel

PB (3,1A)
1/Raynstaff Do You Know Who I Am
2/Raynstaff Earth Angel

JB (11,2A)
1) Willowstaff Barbed Tongue
2) Scratchline Showtime
3) Leading Lady Rose
res) Scratchline Squaw
vhc) Ramblestaf Jorja On My Mind

MB (2,1A)
1) Charmonics Welsh Angel at Gwarstaff

NB (6,2A)
1) Raynstaff Do You Know Who I Am
2) Ramblestaff Colour My Days
3) Charmonics Welsh Angel at Gwarstaff
4) Jayneze Midnight Requim

GB (2,1A)
1) Willowstaff Shades of Red

PGB (7,3A)
1) Canned Heat
2) Tusselstaff Black Fury
3) Darkridge Contradiction
4) Jayneze Midnight Requim

LB (2,2A)
all absent

OB (3,2A)
1) Wildstaff Jo Black

VB (2,2A)

All absent

Best Bitch
Canned Heat

Reserve Best Bitch
Raynstaff Do You Know who I Am

Best Puppy Bitch

Raynstaff Do You Know who I Am







My thanks to the Committee for their invitation to judge Stafford Bitches at this superb venue, the exhibitors for the opportunity to assess this quality entry and the spectators for their enthusiastic support. Principal results were amicably agreed with my co-judge and these were: Dog CC & BEST IN SHOW: Clements’ SAJOJISTAFF BACK IN BLACK; Bitch CC & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Folwell & Morris’ ROWELLSTAFF MISS PRADA, BPB & Best Puppy In Show: Pearce’s BULLHAWK DIVALICIOUS, Best Veteran: Lay’s
CH. CARNIG POSITIVE PROFILE, Best Breeder in Breed: Winrow’s JAYNEZE.


1st Pearce’s – Bullhawk Divalicious – Black/brindle. As one would expect, very much a baby at just 6 months. Head of good shape and developing nicely. Dark eyes, good mouth, movement slightly loose at this stage but time is on her side.  Overall she is the right make and shape and the type of animal I like; clean off the front with sufficient upper arm and of good balance. Pleased to award her BEST PUPPY BITCH and in agreement with my Co-judge: BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – well done and good luck for the future.

2nd Stanway, McCulloch & Russell’s - Waystaff Dutch Pearl – 7½ months. Eye catching white puppy that is more compact in outline with a lovely head shape, piercing black eyes, correct dentition and well angulated rear quarters. Preferred movement of 1.


3rd Jackson’s - Spinnjack Mistletoe Magic


1st Taylor & Hale’s - Eskharn Ma Baker. 10 months Black brindle/white front.  Nothing overdone, clean all round and well proportioned. Sufficient head with keen expression, darkest of eyes, good mouth and underjaw. Correct top line, tight fitting coat, well angulated rear quarters and neat feet. Just preferred head shape and overall outline of MPB in the challenge for BPB.

2nd Booth & Grimwood’s – Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind. 10 months Black brindle and more of her all round, being well boned with good strength of head and pleasing expression. Another with dark eyes, neat ears, and strong muzzle although slightly heavy in flew and feet could be neater. Sound enough with good overall balance.

3rd Hemstock’s – Jolihem Constellation


1st Frankland’s - Aldwych Stop and Stare – and yes I did! 15½ months Black/brindle not overdone in any way. Nice type of head with more to come. Dark eyes, neat ears, correct length of muzzle. Clean off the front, good feet, well balanced, tight coat, correctly angulated rear quarters, moved well. Winner of a quality class - liked her very much and will watch her future progress with interest.


2nd Fawkes – Town Secret. 14 months black/brindle. A close decision between 2 & 3; preferred her slightly more athletic outline but liked the head type of (3).  Nice style of animal with correct amount of bone and of good balance with straight front and required lift. Movement ok but not quite as fluid as (1).  Head of correct proportions, good bite, dark eyes and neat ears. Another quality bitch in this good class.

3rd Norton’s – Mintmar Look Again For Tikkurilan. 12 months brindle/white front, only just out of puppy. Lovely head and expression with defined stop. Front straight and well boned and slightly stronger through than 1 or 2. Sound on the move, maintaining level top line. Improved fitness will come with maturity.


1st Metcalf’s - Darkridge Contradiction. 21 months brindle/white front. Well proportioned head with good length of muzzle, sufficient underjaw, dark enough eyes and correct ear carriage.  A nice type of bitch, however would benefit from displaying a little more animation and could be a shade fitter.

2nd Bouter-Feenstra’s – Old Cross Guns Dearbhail Diabhal. 20 months Black/brindle. Different type to (1) and not as athletic in outline, but nevertheless another quality bitch that was well muscled, compact and short coupled.  Possesses a well defined head with super expression, dark eyes and correctly held ears. Exhibited in clean, fit condition and well handled.

3rd Williams’ – Gwynford Celtic Gypsy. Another attractive brindle with white front of 16 months with good head strength and attractive expression, well enough balanced with nice amount of lift that moved and showed well.



1st Hemstock’s - Jolihem Constellation. 8 months, 3rd in Puppy. Red/white front. Head of good strength with dark mask, dark eyes, strong in muzzle and with good depth of underjaw. Body short coupled and well boned with good bend of stifle. Would prefer a shade more upper arm for better overall balance and top line needs to settle.

2nd Morris’ - Aymstaff Red Hot Caper. Standard red of 9½ months. Res. in Puppy. Possessing a well proportioned head with lovely expression, dark eyes, ears slightly heavy but held correctly. Well boned, compact with clean, short coat and correct rear quarters. Not quite the cleanliness of front I prefer and would benefit from being somewhat fitter.

3rd Edwards’ – Rowellstaff Emily Edwards – 7½ months


1st Birchall’s - Bannetyke Maiden’s Blush. Red with white front of 2 years. Well defined head with dark round eyes, black mask, neat enough ears and good bite.  An athletic looking bitch, particularly in profile. Well proportioned body with enough lift for balance and correctly angulated rear quarters and good strength of bone. Moved soundly.  

2nd Norman & Coates – Megastelle Crazy Chick. 3½ years black brindle that is clean all round with no exaggerations, clean shoulder line and correct amount of lift. Good top line and well angulated rear quarters. To be critical would prefer a shade more head development at this stage and she is a little flighty in the ears, but nevertheless she is of the right make and shape and of the type I prefer.

3rd Crick’s – Jessie Rose of Crickelstaff. 12½ months brindle/white front, placed in JB. An attractive, standard type of bitch who will do her share of winning; not quite as athletic as I prefer, but there is a lot to like about her. Super headed with lovely expression, enhanced by dark eyes and neat ears. Compact and short coupled, in fit condition with good rear quarters and well turned out.


1st Scott’s - Evas Little Zula at Spenstaff. Black/brindle of just over 2 years and well up to size.  Clean head with good expression, dark round eyes and good dentition; ears a little flighty but did not detract.  Body well balanced, exhibiting a clean outline without exaggeration and with correct front and rear angulations. Feet could be tidier. Nice bitch that is very much my type and that exhibited plenty of ring presence.

2nd Turner’s - Tidestaff Firecracker JW – A lovely mahogany brindle/white front of just over 2 years. Possessing a super head without excess flesh, dark eyes, good strength of muzzle and correct mouth. Body balanced and well boned with good top line.  Close decision.  Nice type of bitch who I like, but who lacked animation on the day.

3rd Foster & McDonald’s – Tusselstaff Black Fury. An attractive black/brindle that is  very much in the style I prefer. She possesses a lovely head type, is balanced, fit and not overdone in any way. Just lost out on front action.

LIMIT BITCH – 25 (4) A super class with a quality line up of bitches.


1st Manito’s – Dynastaff Miss Complex. Black/brindle/white front of 2½ years.  A top quality bitch that is straight off the front with just the right amount of lift to give correct overall balance. Head strong and well defined with dark eyes and good strength of muzzle housing big teeth. She is well boned, having strength without coarseness, with a level top line and well angulated rear quarters and shown in fit condition.  She is very much my type of bitch and just what I was looking for. An extremely close decision for the top honours today. Best of luck for the future - sure she will make it.

2nd Wild’s – Wildstaff Jo Black JW. Black/brindle of 3 years and another superb bitch of the highest quality and a close decision – just splitting hairs re. cleanliness of muzzle. Another who had a nice amount of lift giving good overall balance and correct angulations exemplified in her quality of movement. She was in super condition with tight, gleaming coat, and good muscle definition. A prime example of a fit, healthy animal that looks so much better than one which is over pared down. Overall a very tidy bitch, and one which featured amongst my top choices of the day.

3rd Dillon’s – Cragails Indian Summer. Black/brindle/white front of just under 3 years. Another top quality specimen who I liked very much – clean, balanced, fit and athletic with a super head and expression – just preferred the rear assembly of 1 & 2 but another who will go on to greater things I am sure.

OPEN BITCH – 13 (1)

1st Folwell & Morris’ - Rowellstaff Miss Prada. Top quality Red with dark mask of almost 5 years and in her prime. Well defined head with lovely expression complemented by dark round eyes, neat ears and with good strength of muzzle housing strong white teeth. She has the cleanest of fronts with correct amount of lift and exhibits superb balance from every angle. Her body is well defined with a level top line, good length of upper arm and correct front and rear angulations.  Overall a fit, athletic bitch who was turned out in excellent condition and who filled my eye – she was exactly what I was looking for and just my type. Delighted to award her the CC (her 3rd) & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. Congratulations on achieving her title.

2nd Clements’ – Wardwelstaff My Fair Lady. Dark brindle of 5 years and fully mature. I was interested to note she is the Dam of the DCC/BOB winner and I have awarded the CC to her Sire and RCC to her Dam on previous occasions.  Another super quality bitch of the type I was seeking who was shown in fit condition and moved very well. She has the most wonderful head which is well defined and of correct proportions and a superb expression. She is well proportioned, clean all round with excellent overall balance, and correct front and rear angulations. A pleasure to award her the RCC – well done and good luck.

3rd Hopkins’ - Ch Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika JW. Black brindle of 2 years completing another trio of super bitches and unlucky to come up against both the CC & RCC in this class.  A Champion of the highest quality, who is balanced and clean all round, having slightly less lift than 1 or 2. She is compact, balanced with a level top line and is a super mover.  Although not quite the expression I prefer, her head is well defined with dark, round eyes, correct dentition and good strength of muzzle. Thank you for the opportunity to assess her.

VETERAN BITCH – 5 (0) Thanks to all those who entered this class; these old girls were a credit to you and our breed and it was a real pleasure

1st King’s - Krackin Kola. Brindle/white front of 8½ years and in the most wonderful condition in spite of her advancing years. Nice dark round eyes, clean muzzle, neat ear carriage, mouth showing the expected degree of wear and tear but correct bite. Fabulous balance and fitness level for one of this age – well impressed – nice bitch, liked her.

2nd Norton’s – Ch Tikkurilan Poison Ivy. Brindle/white front of 11½ years. Another quality animal that is stronger through than (1). She is balanced with good bone and a level top line. She still maintains a strong head with dark round eyes, good muzzle strength and neat ears and was in good condition. Thanks for bringing her.

3rd Tittley & Bosanko’s – Spearhead Jewel Jade. Brindle/white and an old favourite of mine – lovely head shape with dark eyes and neat ears and well proportioned body with a degree of lift. Still going strong at 11½ years. Just lost out on fitness.

Res: O’Connor’s - Bearcrest En Vogue at Chezatree – 9 years

VHC: O’Donohue’s - Exquisite Ebony Lady – 8 years


1st Winrow’s Jayneze Kennels comprising:-

Jayneze Pillow Talk (D), Jayneze Mr Happy (D),

Jayneze the Power of Dreams (B), Jayneze Soul Survivor (D). 

A team of sound, fit, athletic Staffords typical of this Kennel and who comply with the Standard. My compliments to the breeder on consistency of type.

Contact Information:

Judge: Jenny Smith (Willowstaff)


Tel: 01332 781062 or 07769-955-260





















































Notts & Derby Dist SBTC

Championship Show July 2009

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of The Notts & Derby Dist SBTC firstly for inviting me to judge this my first Championship Show and also for their warm welcome and for the lovely gift.

Overall I was very pleased with the quality of my entry – particularly the puppy classes, which bodes well for the future. It was lovely to see the veterans out in force and my Junior, Limit and Open classes had quality in depth. However, I feel I must comment on two things in particular which gave me cause for concern. Firstly was the poor rear movement of quite a number of exhibits with many lacking drive and others being extremely close behind. Secondly was the poor quality of feet with some exhibits displaying splayed and/or long toes and thin pads.

I looked for dogs that are without exaggeration with free, flowing movement and which have all the attributes that the correct blend of Bull & Terrier brings to the breed. I believe that my final line-up exemplified what a typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier should look like.

Minor Puppy (9-2 abs).

1st – <placew:ston>Essex’s Javawolf Mighty Mouse. White with Brindle eye patch. Very much a baby as they should be. Has everything required at this moment in time. He is well balanced and he moved well for such a youngster. Good Luck for the future.

2nd – Metcalf’s Alport Locknload. 8 month black/brindle. All the attributes of 1st. The deciding factor was the tighter feet of 1 however this pup feet could well be tightened with road work and places could be exchanged in the future. Moved quite well.

3rd – Folwell & Morris’ Rowellstaff Mr Ferguson.

Puppy (14 – 2 abs).

1st – Pearce’s Bullhawk Code Black. This black/brindle should have a very bright future!. Lovely head shape with strong underjaw and good bite with nice large teeth. Stands well on good legs with correct angulation and good pasterns. Feet need to tighten a little, but this will come with time. BEST PUPPY DOG - Well done!

2nd <placew:ston>Rhodes’ Willowstaff Black Marauder. Black/brindle. Lighter build than 1. Looks very immature against some others his age but he has everything in place. Lovely straight front, head coming along nicely with good shape and correct bite. Good hindquarters with correct bend of stifle. Moved ok once settled.

3rd Meara & Millgate’s Ramblestaff Solo Eclipse.

Junior (10 – 1 abs).

1st Powell’s Cwmcalon Son Of The Lord. Lovely Black/brindle with white on his chest. Very well balanced young dog. Good head and underjaw with correct mouth. Clean, straight front leading down to feet which turn out a little as desired. Well bodied dog with a good topline. Powerful, correctly angulated rear quarters resulted in movement with drive. One of the best movers of the day.

2nd Beaufoy’s Wyrefare The Governor. Red with white chest. A dog that is not overdone in any way. Lovely shaped head and expression. Front, topline and hindquarters all correct, and he is in good condition. However the overall effect is spoilt a little by his feet.

3rd McFadyen’s Araidh Commitment.

Yearling (8).

1st  Tittley & Bosanko’s Willowstaff New Addition. One destined for the top in my opinion and he was seriously considered for the RCC. Cracking Brindle with white on chest. Nice deep through skull with strong underjaw housing good sized and correct dentition. Clean front leading to good pasterns. Nicely bodied with the correct amount of lift. Well proportioned hindquarters, moved well.

2nd Gibbins Crossguns Fred Astaire. Brindle with white on chest and feet. Of a similar type to first and much of the above applies to this dog. I preferred the cleaner jaw of one – still, a nice dog.

3rd Taylor & Hale’s Eskharn Jack Jones.

Novice (4 – 2 abs).

1st Watkins’ Kinswatstaff As If. Black brindle with white on chest. Previously unplaced in puppy. Plenty of substance with lift. Hope he doesn’t grow on any more. Nice type of head with strong underjaw. Good straight front. Feet and movement ok. Well bodied with strong rear quarters.

2nd Roberts’ and Stubbs’ Smylinatya Active Ambusher. Black brindle. Cobbier type with strong skull and very strong underjaw. Another well bodied dog with level topline and good hindquarters.

Graduate ( 3-1 abs).

1st Watkins’ Kinswatstaff As If.

2nd Fereday & Wilkes’ Thunder Flashy Lad at Keliannes. Black brindle. Big powerful lad this one. There’s a lot to like about him but his handler just could not get him to settle on the move.

Post Graduate ( 19 – 3 abs)

1st Gregory’s Wildstaff Mister Machismo. Black brindle with white on chest. A slightly heavier type of dog who I would have liked to have seen in fitter condition. Nevertheless, he has a good head with correct bite. A well boned front leading down to good feet. A level topline leading to good hindquarters.

2nd Burgess’ Chezatree Nat King Cole. When I spotted this dog entering the ring I thought that he may be my winner. White dog in very good condition. Nice head, not overdone but still with strength. Has everything else in correct proportions and I liked him a lot but he lost out to one as his feet could be better and he turns his elbows out slightly.

3rd  Winrow’s  Jayneze Mr Happy.

Limit (26 – 4 abs).

1st  Watkins’ Veklorra Flaming Arrow. Lovely Black brindle who well deserved his RCC.  Nice shaped head with a good length to muzzle housing good teeth. Straight front with good reach when moving. Well ribbed brisket which correctly drops to point of elbow. Rear quarters have good bend of stifle but to be picky I would have liked a little more muscle definition. Nevertheless he showed well and looked good in the final line-up. Well done and good luck for the future!

2nd McGraths’ Jajca Pheonix From The Flame. Slightly smaller than winner but a very good head and in excellent condition as usual. Has all the attributes of winner and could well reach the top.

3rd Hall’s Willowstaff Black Prince.

Open (17 – 2 abs).

1st Clements’ Sajojistaff Back In Black. What a cracking Black brindle could not be denied his CC and Best In Show! A dog that is hard to fault – lovely, well boned <placew:ston>Stafford. Gorgeous head with correct length of muzzle and good sized teeth. The best of fronts with length of upper arm, good feet and pastern. When viewed from above he has a good spring of rib and defined waist leading to well angulated hindquarters, giving free and flowing movement. All in all a lovely <placew:ston>Stafford and as I later found out a well deserved Champion!

2nd McBride’s Spinellies Circuit Breaker. Another classy <placew:ston>Stafford who deserves to be in the top bracket and who, I feel will surely gain his title in the not too distant future. However on the day he was beaten by dogs with better body definition – correct this and greater things are surely within his reach. Slightly smaller Black brindle than one and again a dog hard to fault. Structurally a very sound dog that has all the attributes that I consider essential. Good Luck for the future – you are nearly there!

3rd Stanway’s CH Waystaff Strikes Back JW.

Veteran (8 – 1 abs).

1st Lay’s CH Carnig Positive Profile. What can I say about this dog that hasn’t been said already? A worthy Champion and an extremely useful stud dog who has the valuable ability to pass on his attributes to the next generation!

2nd  <placew:ston>Essex’s Javawolf Red Bull. Another lovely oldie who should really have gained higher honours in his youth. A dog without any exaggeration in any way – a typical example of the breed standard.

3rd Tittley & Bosanko’s Garwstaff Nats Our Boy – an old favourite of mine, still looking good and worthy of his place.

Kevin Morton
















Notts & Derby Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club held a Members Limit Show 29th March 2009

BIS went to Cragails Indian Summer

Best Puppy in show Leading Lady Rose


1st Summerfield's Canakey Mad About the Boy red dog of quality shown him self off as soon as he entered the ring. Strong head, dark eyes well laid shoulders neat padded feet short coupled move well. BPD

2nd Gallagher & Johnsons Michaels Prince Charming B/brindle heaver than 1 stronger dog all over

good head shape straight front level top line moved quite well

3rd Rhodes Willowstaff Black Marauder  

1st Dolphins Alport Tornado B/brindle top size boy well balanced with good head shape neat ears dark eyes clean front with strong hide quarters

2nd Birbecks Janikastco Jumpin Jak Flash red with black mask strong mature boy neat ears good stop clean front short couples plenty of bone just preferred the less lippy-ness of one


1st Peacocks Dringshaw Stoner Red/white very showy boy stood out in this class neat rose ears

dark eyes, nice stop, strong muzzle, and good bite, clean front ,strong backend good top line handled well, I think this boy will go on to top honours RBD

2nd Tittley & Bosanko Willowstaff New Addition at Garwstaff  JW super tiger brindle in fantastic condition, well constructed young man in gleaming coat good head lovely expression, moved up and down the mat with drive, good top line

3rd Smiths Demijak`s Lord Zeus


1st Mcfadyen Araidh Rollercoaster Black/brindle smart young man good head shape with defined stop good bite nice laid shoulder going into a clean front , maturing nicely.

2nd Gibbins Crossguns Fred Astaire B/brindle top size boy lots of muscle and bone in fit condition

good head shape, good mouth and bite, plenty of rib, moved well

3rd Kerrs Alport Won Soc On of Mamasitas


1st Rastall & Durhams Merimna Ahead Inline B/brindle nicely balance dog, keen expression ,nice length of muzzle no lippy-ness, clean front, strong pasterns, well bent stifles, coat gleaming well turned out with his handler.

2nd Karlssons Valglo Enzo of Jewelstaff B/brindle placed this boy as a puppy and he is turning into a good looking chap, good head, lovely stop and eye placement, good body shape fits the standard

handled well

3rd Swifts Longdrive Manhatton


1st Seymour Javawolf Smirnoff Red this dog was very much a surprise could be over looked, as I went over him he was in the fittest condition no loose skin anywhere standard size not overdone in any way, good mouth and bite, black nails moved well when settled

2nd Gregory's Wildstaff Mister Machismo B/brindle nice dog fitting the standard well, good head neat ears, short coupled moved well

3rd Beards Hasweth Bruce Bogtrotter


1st Dillon's Cragails Get a Grip B/brindle off the top shelf gleaming coat and in tip top condition the side profile was fantastic, clean head no lippy-ness good length of muzzle, clean front, tight feet, level top line strong backend moved up and down the mat with ease the handler getting everything he could from him. Best Dog

2nd Hancock's Hasweth Major Tom pied well put together dog, dark eyes, neat ears, plenty of bone , short coupled moved well

3rd Clewleys Araidh Vettriano


1st Essex's Javawolf Red Bull 10 years old and still in fit condition lovely head shape, dark eyes

neat ears, good bite lovely big teeth, level top line, moved very well certainly had a spring in his


Best Veteran in Show



1st Swifts Leading Lady Rose red lovely head and expression dark eyes good bite nice clean lip

short strong neck plenty of rib short coupled moved up and down the mat liked she own it BPIS

2nd Karlssons Jewelstaff Serenity B/brindle of quality  strong head but still feminine a well put together bitch just a little unsettled by the day. handled to perfection

3rd Smith,Cox & Wagstaff Willowstaff Barbed Tongue


1st Bullocks Shining Star Supremo B/brindle neat ears dark eyes nice length of muzzle well laid shoulders going into a clean front, nice tight feet, level  top line moved well

2nd Smith & Cox Willowstaff Pure Instinct compact brindle pleasing head, neat ears, nice front &

shoulders, stood square, moved well

3rd Bradders Brajulste Hull`n`Back


1st Gregory's Willowstaff Shades of Red super tiger brindle could not keep my eyes off her, very balance lady , strong but feminine head, short coupled compact body, handler needs more confidence to get more from this lady, I feel she would go much further.

2nd Church & Baxter's Sarlucean Strike a Pose for Amcrastaff brindle lovely white chest good head shape, neat ears, clean front, with well sprung rib cage, strong hind quarters moved well


1st Allen & Robertson Fire Cracker at Estellastaff red black mask have placed this bitch before and she has got better, very pleasing head shape dark eyes strong muzzle and under jaw, good legs and nice padded feet, well ribbed, strong hide quarters in fit condition, considered for top honours

2nd Mcfadyens Araidh Once Upon a Thyme B/brindle lovely head shape and expression, well developed body, plenty of rib, pleasing profile, young handler did well for his first time

3rd Gregory's Willowstaff Shades of Red


1st Dillon's Cragails Indian Summer B/brindle outstanding lady who took over the ring her handler pushed her all the way clean head neat rose ears, clean lipped,  dark eyes, good front, lovely

body shape, strong hind quarters, her side profile was fantastic moved like a dream handled to perfection BIS

2nd Foster & Mcdonalds Tusselstaff Black Fury B/brindle gave this lovely young girl a BOB last year, all the above comments apply just unfortunate to meet one today on top form, but I think these two will change places in the future RBB

3rd Clewleys Araidh Tea Leaf


1st Walkers Tiptoe Red Lady at Janikastco Red and white I have watched this flashy girl for sometime now so was pleased to get my hands on her, well shaped head, good front, clean shoulders, nice level top line, good hind quarters moved well, in good condition fits the standard well

2nd Essex's Javawolf Mogwai red very similar to 1,strong head but feminine, good mouth, clean shoulders, good spring of rib, clean front, nice mover

3rd Wall & Webb's Jessica's Midnight Miss at  Manark


These two bitches were outstanding for there ages

1st Tittley & Bosanko's Spearhead Jewel Jade Brindle she came into the ring guns blazing well up on her toes, 11 years old and in fine condition, still looking well for her age a credit to her owner

2nd Clewleys Araidh Sweetest Taboo Tiger brindle of nearly 14 years, I remember her as a puppy and this was my first time to go over her and what a pleasure it was, strong head and muzzle,  lovely rose ears, short coupled, moved well .

Judge Marie Morris 






















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